Rethinking Youth Ministry in the face of Covid-19

To the youth nation for such a time as this. I loved the flow and message. Reach them with the gospel

Conversation Magazine

With the new rhythm of ‘social distancing’, when our congregations are no longer meeting, one can wonder what happens to youth services. What is the state of youth ministry in such an unusual season? I want to believe this season has presented us with time to think again, clearing our mind of clutter, rethinking about life in light of the gospel in this altered world. It would be very unfortunate for us to return after Covid-19 with no renewed mindsets and ministry priorities.

We can no longer talk of youth services as “lit” and other attractive and “fun” programs are all cut. What could be the fate of youth ministry as we know it? I don’t have answers to all questions but I’ve been thinking about this subject and wondering what the Bible says. It’s unfortunate that for some youth workers after this pandemic, they will have to begin fresh…

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